Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jan 16

4 - Done. The Pi Shawl. Failed object (bad dye job) but I knit it, start to finish.
9 - been to group twice in as many weeks. Intend to go this week. It's growing, too.
18 - Made first toy for MissV. "Rotten Tooth" as named by mom
29 - photo'd large portion of stash. Just need large chunk of time to self to upload and input info.
31 - been doing ok. Need to input Log Cabin Blanket.
32 - Going slowly, but well on Ravelry forums
43 - Started journal (Faerieality Journal) and have updated on average every 2days.
45 - blogged at least once per week this year (3/52)
91 - Saw new doctor. Still looking for good one. (1/3)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

9. I'm going to a knitting group in about fifteen minutes....hopefully it'll work out time- and location-wise.
4. Also? I'm on the last few rounds of a giant Pi shawl I started all of four days ago, with only the edging left to go.